Gem Laboratory Kandy

As a Gemmological Laboratory ‘The GLK Gem laboratory’ confine ourselves to the analysis and interpretation of the scientific characteristics of gemstones. The GLK gem laboratory branch currently at Kandy is aim for committed to contributing to and maintaining a healthy and sustainable gemstone industry and it is our mission to protect our clients by providing the trade with accurate and relevant information on gemstones. Additionally The GLK gem lab at Kandy proudly provides gemstone certification for all of the gemstone varieties.

Our brief reports/gem certification is ideal for those seeking assurance of authenticity and gemstone type. Reports from The our gem laboratory branch at kandy can be obtained at minimal expense, which is why they are highly recommended. Prices for services in our branches at Srilanka are much more affordable than they are in other areas of country and also cheaper than coast at Thailand, Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

Our Laboratory services:

* Gem identification
* Issuing international valid certificate with photo
* Treatment Analysis
* Consultation

By F G A (Gt Britain) qualified Gemmologist.

18/2/1, DS Senanayake Veediya, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Customer Service : +94777699933Email   : gemlab.sl@gmail.com

Member of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain
Member of the GIA Alumni